…Forever Begins

The Beginning

Watermelon Sundae? Well not literally! The inspiration for the title of this blog comes from a DOM KENNEDY song of the same name. Its one of the first tracks by DOM i heard and dude is now one of my favorite artists. This blog is basically MY watermelon sundae. This blog will encompass me and anything i feel or wanna talk about. I hope u enjoy my daily travels and stories but if not… *Martin voice* PEACEEEEE!!! I’ll try to stay as consistent and committed as my schedule allows but i will never force a post. Lets build and end 2010/start 2011 on top!

“Life ain’t sweet, Saturday through Monday but in the summertime you my watermelon sundae, gotta beat the heat even though i wanna play but you keep me cool, you my watermelon sundae”- DOM KENNEDY


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